Guaranteed Life Settlements Zero Coupon Bonds & When to Sell it: An IRA Retirement Plan Investment

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A Powerful IRA & Retirement Plan Investing Tool: Life Settlement Bonds

Powerpoint slides on a superior retirement planning strategy called Roth IRA on Roids which allows for tax-free distributions, tax-free growth, guaranteed principal and guarateed death benefits.Now I would like to talk to you about another legal guaranteed tool in the area of life settlements. Warren Buffet, the richest man in the United States, is a huge proponent. A big chunk of his investment strategy is in life settlements. Now, what is a life settlement? A life settlement is when an individual sells his life insurance policy in exchange for cash now. Who would sell a life insurance policy?

Let's say that in your younger years you set up a precious metal IRA, real estate IRA, or other IRA investments and you bought a million dollar insurance policy because you had a nice little job and if something were to happen to you, your wife and your family would be unprotected, so you went out and bought a million dollar policy. Well, the kids are now married and out of the house, they have their own families, and in this particular example, your wife predeceases you. If she dies before you, you begin to cash out IRA, and so you have this million dollar policy. The kids don't need it. The reason why you bought it originally was to protect your wife, and now she has passed away.

So you think wouldn't it be better for you to utilize that $15,000 premium on other things? You then have two options. One is to let it expire, stop making the payments on the premiums to limit your IRA withdrawal schedule and that's, of course, what the insurance company counts on. You stop paying the premium; they already collected a whole bunch of premium - for free. But, you went to do your tax return, or talked to a lawyer or financial planner, and they tell you they can sell your policy. There is this thing called a settlement market, a life settlement market.

Obviously, there is a market out there and someone will buy your policy. They take over paying the premiums and, let's say on a million dollar policy, at age 77, you know how many years you've got left, they figure out that for the million dollar death benefit, they can pay you $300,000, it's just a number out of the air, but there is a market for it. So of course it makes sense for you to sell because you no longer need it and you can certainly use the $300,000 to do whatever it is you want to do at this stage of life. You don't need the policy. The kids are all great, they all have their own families and are doing well; the reason why you bought the policy no longer exists, and so selling it makes a lot of sense.

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