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Best IRA Rescue offers superior IRA (Individual Retirement Account) and ROTH IRA plans

The following is a short list of the range of IRA solutions and services we offer:

  • the most advanced ROTH IRA rescue plans
  • solutions in your IRA real estate
  • step-by-step assistance with your IRA contribution limits
  • stretch IRA for your beneficiaries or beneficiary
  • inherited IRA problem management
  • complete, turn-key IRA retirement plans and estate planning
  • providing answers to question of current IRA rates, distributions and Rollover IRA
  • ROTH IRA on ROIDS™ implemented plans for no income tax, tax-free distributions & tax-free growth
  • Cash Value Life Insurance & IRA insurance planning to avoid double-taxation of your inherited IRAs
  • avoidance of IRA penalties
  • advanced, strategic IRA investment planning to maximize your distributions

Rocco Beatrice Sr., Managing Partner - Estate Street Partners:

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  • CPA - Certified Public Accountant
  • MST - Taxation, Master of Science in Taxation
  • MBA - Management / Taxation, Master of Busines Administration
  • BSBA - Management / Accounting
  • CWPP - Certified Wealth Preservation Planner (from the Wealth Preservation Institute - WPI)
  • CMMB - Certified Master Mortgage Broker (WPI)
  • CAPP - Certified Asset Protection Planner (Rating level "AA", Offshore Asset Protection Rating level "O", Global Asset Protection Rating level "G")
  • International strategist of complex business transactions
  • Award-Winning Estate & Trust, IRA Planner

Rocco Beatrice Jr., Director of Finance:

Best IRA Rescue Director of Finance-Rocco Beatrice Jr. IRA planner for Boston, Massachusetts.
  • MBA - Analytical Finance & Accounting
  • BS (Magna cum Laude honors) - Finance and Quantitative Studies
In 1998, Mr. Beatrice was bestowed as an Honorary Citizen of the City of Newton, Massachusetts for saving the lives of a family from an arson-related fire. Mr. Beatrice Jr. is the Director of Finance of Estate Street Partners, LLC. He is also the Managing Member of Vertex Management Group, LLC; a Boston based, financial and marketing consulting firm. Additionally, Mr. Beatrice Jr. is the Chief Financial Officer of ACE Windpower, LLC, an international wind power company with offices in Washington D.C, Boston, and Bejing. In 1999, Mr. Beatrice Jr. earned his Bachelor of Science degree with Magna cum Laude honors with a concentration in Finance and Quantitative Studies from Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts. He went on to earn his Master of Business Administration majoring in Analytical Finance & Accounting from The University of Chicago, Graduate School of Business in Chicago, Illinois in 2006. Prior to his studies at the University of Chicago, Mr. Beatrice Jr. worked at Constellation Energy as a Sr. Power Trader.

Trace Kirkpatrick, Director of Operations, CWPP, CAPP, MMB:

Best IRA Rescue Director of Operations-Trace Kirkpatrick. IRA planner for California. Costa Mesa, CA state representative
  • MMB - Master Mortgage Broker
  • CWPP - Certified Wealth Protection Planner
  • CAPP - Certified Asset Protection Planner
Mr. Kirkpatrick has lived in Costa Mesa, California for 28 years. As a college graduate, he attended Orange Coast College and Cal State Long Beach. He began his career in real estate as a Managing Director of his family's mortgage company in 1996. For the past 7 years he worked exclusively with Independent Financial Advisors, helping them educate their clients on wealth enhancing mortgage strategies. He currently sits on the educational board of the Wealth Preservation Institute (, and he is also a California state representative for the Asset Protection Society (

Contact Information:

71 Commercial Street #150, Boston, MA 02109
toll-free: 888-93ULTRA (888-938-5872)
tel: +1.508.429.0011 fax: +1.508.429.3034
Client Service:
Rocco Beatrice:

Only by appointment: 2235 E. Flamingo Road, Suite 201-G, Las Vegas NV 89119
toll-free: 888-93ULTRA (888-938-5872)
tel: 702.615.7616 fax: 702.796.6694

543 Victoria Ste. J, Costa Mesa, CA 92627
tel: +1.508.429.0011
toll-free: 888-93ULTRA (888-938-5872)
fax: +1.508.429.3034

Rocco Beatrice, CPA, MST (Master of Science in Taxation), MBA (Master of Business Administration), BSBA (Management/Accounting), CWPP (Certified Wealth Preservation Planner), CMMB (Certified Mortgage Broker), CAPP (Certified Asset Protection Planner), Managing Director, Estate Street Partners, LLC. Mr. Beatrice is an asset protection, award-winning trust, estate planning and tax expert.

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Boston (head office):
71 Commercial Street #150, Boston, MA 02109
toll-free: 888-93-ULTRA (888-938-5872)
tel: +1.508.429.0011 fax: +1.508.429.3034
543 Victoria Ste. J, Costa Mesa, CA 92627
toll-free: 888-93ULTRA (888-938-5872)
Only by appointment: 2235 E. Flamingo Road, Suite 201-G, Las Vegas NV 89119
toll-free: 888-93ULTRA (888-938-5872)
tel: 702.615.7616 fax: 702.796.6694

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